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To our MB Stone family around the world,

Some positive changes are taking place here at MB Stone. As you know, we lost MB Stone founder Maurizio Bertoli in August of 2008. This was a loss felt by family, friends, customers, associates, students, and the many people he helped worldwide. Maurizio was never too busy to help people solve their stone problems. He loved stone: it was his life and his passion! We are continuing his legacy and passion here at MB Stone Care. He trained us well and we follow in his footsteps every day: our restoration division,, is constantly testing new products to insure they meet the strict requirements Maurizio demanded so that they can be placed in the MB product line.

Be well, and don't forget to take care of your stone!

With over 20 years experience in the industry, MB Stone Care is a name known around the world for it's quality products and the ability to find solutions to natural stone problems confronting homeowners and tradespeople alike.

MB3 worked miracles for my absolute black granite countertops. Only 2 years old, they had become filmy and dull and nothing I tried restored the shine. This product quickly and easily restored the shine.
By Sharon Byers (Lee's Summit, Missouri United States)

Bought MB3 to clean the ugly soap scum in my marble shower. My neighbor is a professional tile cleaner/restoration guy and he told me about this product. Did not want to risk using any cheap acid based soap scum remover and etching the marble. Worked excellent. Removed all the soap scum with just a minimal amount of scrubbing with a soft scrub pad. Shower looks just like new. After I got done with my marble shower I went and used it on my ceramic tile bathtub surround. Cleaned the tiles as well as the bathtub and removed all of the soap scum there also. Then I got on a roll and wanted to go and clean my third shower as well but ran out of product. Next time I will order 2 bottles.
- T Roberts

Can't live without MB5 and the other products -MB1 and MB 3 as well as the powder for removing the etching. Before I found these products, I badly etched my marble bathroom and need these to undo the damage.
- Jean

Needed to find a better product than available at Target and Home Depot, and MB9 fit the bill. Very pleased with the product, will definitely keep using it.
- Gerald D. Lenocker

My granite was dull. I tried to polish it many times, resealing it and polish again. It was better but never great. I tried this MB - 13 Stone Polish and my granite did shine. It is easy and you can re-use any time.
- Patricia Schaefer (Covington, LA, US)

I have been using MB Stone Care MB-5 on my granite countertops for 8 years and have not found any other product that can produce the same quality results in the way the granite looks as well as how the surface feels. There is no substitute - I would have found it by now.
- Rowena Sim (Corona, CA)

Excellent products and excellent transaction. No problems at all and the MB-3 soap scum remover worked excellent to finally clean up the soap scum in my shower.

Called with an application question and was helped above and beyond!!

Prompt service, items as described. Would recommend and will not hesitate to purchase from in the future. Thank you very much

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TrueKleen Ocean Breeze Disinfectant MB Stone Care MB-24 Barrier
Our Price: $12.95
Our Price: $47.45
TrueKleen Ocean Breeze Disinfectant Quart

MB-24 "Barrier" is a water-based Professional grade fluorochemical sealer that is extremely user friendly for homeowner and pro alike.

Easy to apply to small or large areas, floors counter tops and any surface that requires sealing. It will  provide a durable, non-film-forming, transparent, protective barrier against oil and water on porous surfaces such as Marble , Limestone , Travertine, Granite, Slate,  unglazed tile, grout, terra cotta, concrete and brick. Barrier provides excellent oil and water repellency, stain resistance, and easy stain cleanup.

MB Stone Care Spring Kit
Our Price: $33.95
MB Stone Care Spring Kit includes 1 quart of MB-5 Stone Spray Cleaner, 1 quart of MB-1 Stone Floor Cleaner and 1 quart of MB-23 Easy Oxy. All of these products are safe to use on all natural stones and will help get your home ready for spring!

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