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MB Stone Care MB-1 Marble Granite and More Floor Cleaner

Anyone who has a polished stone floor knows how difficult it can be to care for without leaving streaks or having to mop the floor all too frequently. After a number of uses, I can say that this product apparently does work as advertised--put the proper amount in a bucket of warm water, mop, and your floor is not only clean, but somewhat shiny as well. I can now see the reflection of the kitchen cabinets on the granite tile floor, for example. Just keep in mind that it is a floor cleaner, not a stain remover, so if you have stained marble, for example, you may need a different product. This product far outperforms anything else I've tried. It also makes post-cleaning cleanups a breeze--just a little water and a cloth, and presto, good as new.

MB Stone Care MB-3 Soap Film Remover

Bought this to clean the ugly soap scum in my marble shower. My neighbor is a professional tile cleaner/restoration guy and he told me about this product. Did not want to risk using any cheap acid based soap scum remover and etching the marble. Worked excellent. Removed all the soap scum with just a minimal amount of scrubbing with a soft scrub pad. Shower looks just like new. After I got done with my marble shower I went and used it on my ceramic tile bathtub surround. Cleaned the tiles as well as the bathtub and removed all of the soap scum there also. Then I got on a roll and wanted to go and clean my third shower as well but ran out of product. Next time I will order 2 bottles.

The dark brown travertine tiles on my shower floor developed an unsightly white soap film. Since most commercial shower cleaners cannot be used on natural stone, it was really built up. This product removed the film with minimal effort and now the stone looks like it did when it was first installed! I'm impressed. I also tried it on white travertine on the bathroom floor outside the shower, and the tiles were visibly brighter. I will try the MB floor cleaner for cleaning the floor and expect it to work just as well.

This worked miracles for my absolute black granite countertops. Only 2 years old, they had become filmy and dull and nothing I tried restored the shine. This product quickly and easily restored the shine.

We have a Franke stainless sink in our kitchen which looks awful after washing dishes in it (we have pretty hard water). Not only did we have soap residue but we were getting hard water spots on the polished "ledge" between the two tubs. Since the MB3 worked so well on our travertine shower slabs, I decided to try it on the sink. WOW! I now keep a spray bottle with some diluted solution under the kitchen sink. A quick spray after washing dishes and our sink looks like new. Nothing else comes close. It also works great on our glass shower doors. I love this stuff

MB Stone Care MB-4 Stone and More Impregnator Sealer

I moved into my new home and ofcourse new nothing about granite coutnertops. All I knew is that they were the best to have next to marble. When I began to cook my meals and had a few water spill and oil spills I began to see that the stone would stain and the next day the stain was permanent! My countertops were a lighter colored stone so every spill was very visible.Finally after researching the stone it turns out it was never sealed. I immediately researched the different types of sealers and never having bought one or knowing anyone who knew what would work I gambled with this product. It was super simple to use and after sealing the water that falls or oils float on top like a buble so you can tell that nothing is seeping into the granite. This product saved my kitchen!!!!

MB Stone Care MB-5 Marble Granite and Natural Stone Cleaner, Spray

After having the pleasure of meeting Maurizio the creater of this product and a wonderful man extremely knowledgeable in the granite world I have used this product faithfully. The other products ruin your granite or you have to seal your granite more often I have found. His website is full of information on how to care for your natural stone. [...] Awesome products!!!!!!!!!

Can't live without it and the other products -MB1 and MB3 as well as the MB11 powder for removing the etching. Before I found these products, I badly etched my marble bathroom and need these to undo the damage.

MB Stone Care MB-9 Mildew Stain Remover

Excellent product for use on natural stone. I bought it to use in my shower and I LOVE IT!!! Works fast with minimal "chemical" smell and leaves my shower looking great! I would highly recommend it.

MB Stone Care MB-11 Marble Polishing Powder

I NEVER write review for products..But I must shout from the rooftops about how well this product worked on my marble kitchen countertops. I had small etch marks all over that would not come out with my marble cleaner..and in certain light it was very noticeable( heartbreaking). This worked wonders and was so easy! My countertops looks like new. I only wish I took before and after pics.

MB Stone Care MB-13 Stone Polish

My granite was dull. I tried to polish it many times, resealing it and polish again. It was better but never great. I tried this MB - 13 Stone Polish and my granite did shine. It is easy and you can re-use any time.

MB-23 (Easy Oxy)

Easy Oxy April 16, 2013Reviewer: Craig from New York City We used the easy oxy tonight. It was excellent! we tried many products on our range top which has this black enamel finish. Most products leave a streaky film yours really worked great no film at all. I think you need to advertise that aspect. I would recommend it for that alone.

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